1. General Information

What is the "marketplace"? A marketplace enable retailers and private individual to list and sell goods in return for a fees without even leaving a room.

Do you have any stores? No, as we are not a shop. RingRoad is the online marketplace for all kinds of goods that can reach buyers in Nigeria

Do you have a delivery? No, we don't. But you always can discuss with the seller on how orders will be dispatched and how this will affect packaging and the final price.

2. Posting Ad or sell on RingRoad

a)It is free to publish your item on RingRoad

b) All free listingss will expire in 250 days. However, you can deactivate or edit your item before expiring date

c)You can republish expired listings before 30 days for another 2 days consecutively by going through the same procedure to publish AD and ensure to change the title and description

d)Alternatively, promote your item for 1 month-₦1500.00 Naira to get more visibility on front page and Automatic Posting To Facebook Social Media .

d)Expired listings after 30 days will be deleted automatically.

3. Managing ads

How to post an advert on RingRoad Posting ads on ringroad.com.ng is easy and fast, just take the following steps to proceed:

a)Singn up or register to open an account
b)Login to your account and click on "Publish" button at the top of the page
c)Complete all the information about your item such as title, category, region, description, price and add photos. At least two photos required.
d)After filling out the required fields, click on �Publish� button.
e)Once you published your ad, you will be immediately redirected to our payment page for promotion item only.
f)Your advert will be published shortly once moderation process is completed.
g)Once your advert is live, you will receive a notification email.
h)Be ready to receive numerous incoming calls from your potential buyers. Good luck with your sales!

What happens after I published my ad? Our moderators will review your ad very carefully and if all the fields are filled out correctly, it will be activated shortly. You can find your advert on our website only when it is approved by our moderators. You will get a notification email when your advert is active. If there is something wrong with your advert, you will be notified about that and all the mistakes will be specified so that you can edit your advert correspondingly. After publishing your advert, you can edit it again if needed and repost. Once done, your advert undergoes moderation before being activated on the website. You can delete or close your advert any time you want. You just have to click on Delete button placed under the ad . You shouldn�t publish adverts of the same content. They will be considered duplicates by our moderators and won�t go active on the website. You can always manage your ads by logging in to your RingRoad account and clicking on My Account / Listings.

Tips for creating an effective ad If you really want to create a great ad, it is highly recommended to follow the instructions below: Check out other people's listings. See how they are describing their items, particularly so if they are selling the same item as the one you are listing. Use a clear title which includes the name of the item you sell. Try to make your title appealing and eye-catching. Set an appropriate price for your item so that the advert is approved. If the price is not relevant, it may be declined. Make sure to carry out some investigation of the prices for a particular item. The description of your product must be informative enough and mustn�t contain any false information regarding your product or service. Upload only unique and high-quality photos of your items taken by yourself and not downloaded from the Internet. The better photos you add, the more attractive your ad looks to the potential buyers and the more calls you receive. Indicate correct contact details for the potential buyers/clients to be able to reach you easily. Try to respond all the incoming calls or to call back your customers once available.


Try to fill out all the fields of your profile page, as well as those of your advert, to let your customers dispose of all the necessary information about you as a seller and the products you sell. The better rating / vote you have on our website, the more chances you get to attract a lot of buyers. Remember that it is important to build trust in your business. Your rating/vote depends on the number of positive/negative feedback received from your previous customers. Make your advert as risk-free as possible. Underline that no prepayments are required and be ready to list those delivery services which presuppose payment on the delivery of the product ordered.

My advert has been declined. Why?
There are several reasons why your ad can be placed declined by our moderators:
a)You tried to post several items within one ad. It is not allowed to do that. Each item for sale must be posted separately, one ad - one product. Please follow this simple rule so that your ad is activated shortly.
b)Pictures you've uploaded contain contact numbers. We do not allow posting this kind of photos. Please add pics which don't have any phone numbers for your ads to go active on RingRoad.
c)There are certain restrictions concerning prices users might set. Please, input an appropriate price for your advert to be approved. If the price is not relevant, it may be declined. Make sure to carry out some investigation of a market value of an item you intend to sell.

How to share ads on Facebook or Twitter? Go to your item page, click on the price button on top of image until you see Facebook/Twitter icons, click on a particular icon to be able to share the link.

Prohibited items on RingRoad Users shall comply with all applicable laws, the Terms of Use and all posted Platform rules and policies. Here is a non-exhaustive list of goods and services promotion of which is prohibited on RingRoad in Nigeria: Narcotics, steroids, and any drugs or medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical specialist Weapons Restricted military/police items Human organs Illegal/pirated copies Stolen property Code grabbing and lock picking devices Electronic equipment prohibited by the law Sexually-oriented services Loans, money transactions, Bitcoin Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs Network marketing and �Home Base Business� jobs Products (goods or services) prohibited to sell by the law, in particular: Food, processed food, water, soft drinks, spirit drinks, medical devices, drugs, drug products, cosmetics, chemicals, agrochemicals, pesticides, veterinary drugs or other goods if they have not been registered with the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (the �NAFDAC�) or other relevant authority of Nigeria; Any goods, sale, distribution or advertising of which is banned or restricted by the NAFDAC or any other relevant authority of Nigeria; Any goods, sale, distribution or advertising of which is prohibited by applicable legislation of Nigeria; Any goods that do not comply with standards and quality requirements imposed on such goods by applicable legislation of Nigeria; Any goods that are represented on the label or described as a treatment, preventative or cure for diseases, disorders or abnormal physical states specified by applicable legislation of Nigeria. If you have noticed any announcements promoting Prohibited Items on RingRoad, please report them via the �Report Abuse� link available in each posting.

How long will my ads stay on the site? Your ads remain on the site for 1 months (since the date of the last update) before they are automatically deleted or until you decide to deactivate them. Please note that you can republish your ad if you haven�t sold your item.

4. For sellers

I've posted my ad but I can't find it on RingRoad. Why? At first, don't worry! If you've faced such a situation, we recommend: Wait for a while before your ad passes the moderation. It's quite possible that our moderators are checking your advert and it will appear in search results within a few hours. Check your inbox. There you will get a notification when your advert goes live. Also, if there is something wrong with your advert, we'll specify all the mistakes you should edit. Important! If you make some changes in your advert, it must pass the moderation one more time. Temporarily we won't show it in search results. You can always manage your ads, just sign in to your RingRoad account and click on My Adverts.

Are there any rules concerning posting adverts on RingRoad? You must add a precise title for each advert; Make sure you add brief and clear description without any false information; Every advert should contain only unique images (taken by you) without any contact information or watermarks. Make sure you choose an appropriate category. Be attentive choosing a category for a job proposal or a resume. If you mention the wrong category, we can't approve your ad. The prices of your items must correspond to the real prices of similar products. Indicate correct contact details, so that your potential customers could reach you easily. Try to respond to all the incoming calls or to call back your customers once it's possible. All posted products and services must be located in Nigeria. All items and products must be legally permitted (you can check the list of prohibited items here) Publish all items for sale separately. There is a rule: �1 ad = 1 item�. Create different adverts. If there are identical ads we consider them as duplicates and don�t approve.

My advert has been declined. Why? No worries, let's figure it out together! Our moderators could decline your ad for several reasons: 1.You tried to post a few items within one ad. It�s not allowed on RingRoad. You must post each item separately: 1 ad = 1 product. You�ve posted pictures of nudity or images that contain contact details, watermarks, etc. We don't allow posting these kinds of photos. Please, remove them and add real photos of the item that you intend to sell. You have set the irrelevant price for your item. Make sure to carry out some investigation of market value and input an appropriate price for your advert. Follow these simple rules and our moderators will activate your ad in a short time.

How long will my ads stay on RingRoad? Your ads remain on the site for 1-3 months (since the date of the last renewal) before they are automatically deleted or until you decide to deactivate them. Please note that you can update your ad if you haven't sold your item.

What can I do to sell better on RingRoad? We prepared for you a few pieces of advice on how to sell like a pro: Pay attention to the details Take the relevant photos of your goods, write a clear detailed description and fill out all the fields in your profile. All of this will help your customers to learn more about you and your product. Make your advert as risk-free, as possible Remember, that you can't ask for prepayments and be ready to list those delivery services, that presuppose payment after the product arrived. Answer quickly Don't make your buyers wait for your replies too long. Be online or subscribe to Boost packages to always get SMS-notifications on new messages. Pay attention to your rating Feel free to ask your customers to leave feedback about your work � the more positive comments you have, the more chances you get to attract a lot of buyers. Use Premium Services to get up to 50x more customers! To sell faster, use specific tools!

5. For buyers

How can I buy something on RingRoad? To enjoy shopping on RingRoad, you need to follow our simple guide: Search for the item Use a search panel with filters and find what you need. We have over a million adverts, so you can choose exactly what you are looking for. Contact a seller You may chat on RingRoad or call the seller via phone and set up a meeting face to face, discuss some details or negotiate about the price. Take your item or order a delivery We check our sellers carefully, but it's always better to check twice, right? Meet with the seller in a public place and be sure to pay only after you get the item. Leave your feedback about the seller Feel free to tell us about your experience: write your feedback on the seller's page. Other buyers will thank you one day ;)

How to leave feedback about the seller? If you want to leave feedback, follow the instruction below: Click on the button "Leave feedback", that you can find in each advert; Provide detailed feedback about the seller (was your seller polite with you, are you satisfied with a purchase, etc); * Note that all RingRoad users will see your feedback. Let's build a safe business community together!

How to report illegal activity on RingRoad? If you see something suspicious on RingRoad, please report the problem: Click on "Report abuse" Insert your text and click "Send". Our support managers will consider your request immediately. If the seller proves to be a scammer, we will block him or her. Safety first!

Should I pay before or after? We are the place that connects buyers and sellers and helps them to meet. You will make deals with different people, so it�s better to discuss such things with each seller directly. However, we recommend not to send prepayment and not to pay in advance. You can set up a meeting face to face in a public place, review the product and � if you are satisfied � pay for it.

How can I protect myself from being scammed? We are highly focused on security and try to solve any issues in short terms. Please, check the general tips on how to buy safely: Meet with sellers face to face in a public place Check out the item's quality and make sure that it lives up your expectations before you make payment. Never give out your financial information that could be misused Be attentive and avoid scams and frauds, such as fake payment services, fee requests or requests to use money transfer services. Be careful and check the company's background twice Don't submit any upfront fees for a job application; Don't go to the remote or unfamiliar places for an interview; Don't disclose any personal information like a bank account number or photocopy of your ID. Use common sense Please, avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such unrealistically low prices or promises of quick money.

How can I be sure that I'll get what I requested? We try to check our sellers carefully, but it�s almost impossible to vouch for each of them. Expectations matter, and to avoid disappointments, we strongly recommend you meet with sellers face to face in a public place. Review the product first, and pay for it only if you are satisfied.

6. Image Banner Advertisement

If you are looking forward to have your advertisement on our site, anywhere you see button "Advertise here!" you can submit own banner. After admin approval and budget payment your advert will be visible on our site automatically. Thereafter, you can request for client key URL that allows you to watch your adverts or see click statistics of your adverts. When budget is spent or expiration date is reached, advert is not visible/active anymore but categories in those advert will be visible (category check is done on search page only).

Why my AD has been pending for a very long time.? There are currently three advertising slots at the moment on RingRoad. Therefore, only three advertisers can place their ads on any section of RingRoad at the same time. Once the six slots are full, any attempt to place ads on the same section by other advertisers will result in a pending placement. However, once a slot is vacated by an advertiser, the slot will be handed over to the advertiser ascendingly and based on next priority"
Waiting time for an AD slot to be vacated? We cannot say when an ad slot will be vacated because it depends entirely on what current advertisers choose to do.


While you're waiting for your AD placement to become active Please resist the temptation to remove and then resubmit pending AD. If you do that, you will be placed at the very end of the queue.
Prohibited AD on RingRoad We reject ads for HYIPs and most MLMs because they are fundamentally unsustainable. We reject ads for health remedies that make claims that have not been verified by NAFDAC because we know that they don't work as advertised. We reject online betting and forex trading ads not for moral reasons per se but because we know that most people who patronize these business expect to make money, but the vast majority of them will lose money. We also reject some mailing list building ads because we don't want our members to be spammed. Sexual ads will only be accepted of placed in the sexuality section.
Animated AD You cannot submit animated AD on RingRoad because they are distracting.








Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ringroad ?Ringroad is a platform that makes it easy for customers to compare and hire reliable service providers.
What kind of services are offered on Ringroad ?Different kind of services are offered on Ringroad . From home renovation to phone repair, you can hire for all your needs.
How does it work exactly?
1. Post a job to get responses from different service providers. 2. Compare the service providers based on their reviews, prices etc. 3. When you find the right service provider, contact them directly to hire them.
How many responses will I get and when will I hear back?You should expect to hear from at least 3 service providers and you should get your first response within few days.
How do I pay for a service?You can pay service providers directly or pay through Ringroad (ringpayment). ringpayment is a secure method of paying for your services as we only release payments to service providers 48 hours after the job completion date. Please note that you must report any problem within 48 hours by sending an email to support@Ringroad .com.
How much does it cost?Ringroad is completely free for customers.

Still got questions? Contact us  rr@tweeterest.com

Service providers
What is Ringroad ?Ringroad is a platform that makes it easy for service providers to find new customers.
How does Ringroad work?Register the services you offer on our platform. Customers in need of your services can easily contact you and we will notify you whenever a customer request the kind of service you provide. You can also browse our job page to reply to jobs that interest you.
What kind of services are offered on Ringroad ?Different kind of services can be offered on Ringroad . No matter the work you do, Ringroad can help you grow.
How do customers find my business?
We do the marketing so you don’t have to. We actively promote your services to customers on search engines and social media. We also use direct marketing and other channels.
What costs are involved?It’s free to register your business on Ringroad but you may need to pay a small fee to contact customers. The fee depends on the customer’s job.
Why do I need to fund wallet?It’s faster and cheaper to pay from your wallet. You will not have to enter your card or bank details every time you want to contact a customer. Apart from that, you will save bank processing cost as you do not have to pay from your bank account each time you want to contact a customer.
How do I fund my wallet?Click on wallet on the top right corner when you log in. Enter the amount you want to top up and click add to proceed to checkout.
Why is there a minimum top up amount?We introduced the wallet system to make your transaction faster and cheaper when you send quotes. The minimum top up amount ensures that the purpose of using the wallet system is not forfeited.
How does the New Service Provider Offer work?The New Service Provider Offer is for new professionals on Ringroad . We guaranty that you will get hired before you finish spending the ₦5000 you added to your wallet. If not, we will credit your wallet with ₦2000 to contact additional customers. In addition, we will work with you to review your Ringroad profile to improve your chances of getting hired. To be entitled for the offer, you must do the following:


  • Your Ringroad profile must be completed before you send quotes.
  • You must have a verified profile before you send quotes.
  • You must be willing to work with us and make the changes we recommend.


How do I get paid for the services I provide?Customers can pay you directly for your services or pay you via Ringroad depending on the agreement between you and the customer. Learn more about how ringpayment works.
When do I receive the payments made on Ringroad ?Payments are transferred 48 hours after the job completion date you agreed with the customer. Kindly note that if there is a problem with a service you have provided, the issue has to be resolved before we can transfer payment to you. Customers have 48 hours after the job completion date to report any problem.
How do I use ringpayment?After a customer has decided to hire you and you’ve both agreed to use ringpayment, fill in the contract form with the details of the job to be completed. The contract will be sent to the customer who will pay for the service if they are satisfied with the content. If not, they may ask you to modify the content before they make payment. You will get notified when the customer makes payment.
What if I am travelling or busy and I cannot take a job?You can simply hide your profile from your account page. That way, customers cannot contact you.